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This week, DHL Supply Chain announced it will trial picking robots at its Tennessee warehouse. The pilot project will assess the suitability of the robots as a picker companion for order fulfillment within the life sciences sector of the warehouse. The full story can be found here

Postal and Parcel Technology asks...

Are picking robots a useful tool in a warehouse handling parcels?

Yes, they can help workers complete tasks quickly and efficiently - it's like an extra pair of hands
No, the robots could make mistakes and parcels could end up in the wrong location
Maybe, but there should be restrictions on the responsibilities and tasks they are given

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  • Will we see the adoption of a carbon neutral global logistics network in the next 10 years?
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  • Will cross border delivery into and out of the UK become more costly now the UK has voted to leave the European Union?
  • Is gender discrimination still alive in today's postal sector?
  • Do land-based autonomous robots present a safer alternative to unmanned aerial vehicles for last mile drone deliveries?
  • Should posts be investing in grey power logistics now to ensure they meet the needs of an ageing population?
  • How happy would you be for a courier to gain remote access to your vehicle?
  • Are posts and logistics companies doing enough to incorporate alternative fuel vehicles into their fleet?
  • Using UPS as a benchmark, should posts and logistics companies be doing more to incorporate alternative fuel vehicles into their fleet?
  • Where do you believe the majority of parcels will be delivered in 10 years' time?
  • Where will we see the biggest growth in international parcel volumes in the next decade?
  • Should posts be doing more to develop apprenticeship schemes and provide work opportunities for the long-term unemployed?
  • Should postal operators be increasing their lettermail rates to offset losses?
  • Should posts be doing more to make cross-border delivery easier for SMEs?
  • Should posts be doing more to actually reduce the emissions from their fleet rather than offsetting their carbon footprint?
  • Should posts be doing more to capitalize on the 3D printing market?
  • Should posts be doing more to reward their hard working employees?
  • Where will IoT have the biggest impact on day-to-day postal operations in the next few years?
  • When do you think we will see commercial drone deliveries operating on a regular basis?
  • Should the current Terminal Dues system be scrapped altogether?
  • How long will it be before free next-day delivery becomes the industry standard?
  • What more can be done to educate posts in the way they think about sustainability?
  • Is this a reasonable target for a universal mail service provider?
  • Do you believe parcel delivery by drone puts people's safety at risk?
  • Do posts need to do more to improve cross-border returns solutions for consumers?
  • Which of the following delivery solutions do you think will become commonplace first?
  • Which of the following provides the best business opportunity when it comes to 3D printing and logistics?
  • With strikes planned by Post Office staff during Christmas week, should the company be doing more to protect its employees when reforming the business?
  • What is the best technology to adopt for a universal cross-border track and trace delivery solution?
  • Should there be an EU-wide set of regulations governing the use of robotics?
  • Which of the following drivers do you think is most important for cross-border online shoppers?
  • What is the most effective way for retailers to improve their returns policy?
  • Should posts be doing more to work with online marketplaces such as Alibaba to promote cross-border trade in Asia?
  • Which of the following digital services provides the biggest challenge for postal operators and carriers to implement?
  • Which of the following alternative customer delivery preferences present the biggest challenge for delivery drivers on a daily basis?
  • Are state owned posts in danger of missing out on top talent due to restrictive wage brackets?
  • Did Ofcom make the right decision to extend its current postal regulations?
  • Which of the following represents the best way of reducing carbon emissions?
  • Which of the following technological issues do you think will have the biggest disruptive influence on the logistics and delivery industry in 20 years' time?
  • Should the EU's mail delivery targets be revised to better reflect the changing nature of the delivery market?
  • What is the biggest challenge facing emission-free delivery?
  • Does the report fairly reflect the effort being made by posts to invest in digitization?
  • Should certain USOs be adapted to enable posts to embrace the use of technology to help with mail collection?
  • Are digital PAs and DPD's app just another gimmick in an increasingly digital world?
  • Do apps such as that by LastMileLink Technologies improve delivery efficiency?
  • Which of the following applications holds the greatest potential for the use of IoT in a warehouse environment?
  • What is the most valuable attribute the post industry can offer government bodies that perhaps other sectors cannot?
  • Video Exclusives

    PostEurop releases latest mail and parcel statistics for Europe

    PostEurop, a trade association representing 52 posts in 49 countries, has released its latest figures aggregated from its members, giving an overview of the European post and parcel delivery market in 2016.

    23 May, 2017

    PostNord delivers parcels into customers' homes

    Nordic postal operator PostNord has partnered with Swedish lock manufacturer Assa Abloy to offer customers a new service where parcels can be delivered inside their door (full story here).

    Customers who posses a digital lock, such as the Yale Doorman, can register for the service, which provides PostNord delivery personnel with a one-time code enabling them to enter the property and place the parcel inside. To view a video of the indoor delivery service, click on the link below.

    19 April, 2017

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    Exclusive Articles

    Matthew Robertson, co-CEO of parcel data management platform NetDespatch, comments on the surprise findings of research into the working relationship between retailers and their delivery partners.  May 16, 2017  
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    This week Omniva selected Fives to install the sorting system for its new Tallinn hub (story here). Joona Saluveer, the recently appointed chairperson to the Omniva board, speaks to PPTI about the company’s future strategy and the challenges of digitization. May 2, 2017  
    Click here to read more

    Patrick Armstrong, CEO of IoT developer Snaile, explores some of the restrictions posed by outdated USOs and explains how they can be avoided using modern technology. April 24, 2017  
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